You can check out the final results here. Feel free to use the "Sandbox" tab to sort the data on your own.

Final Standings

  • Julia, 211.17
  • Ryan, 248.13
  • Dave, 256.72
  • Tony, 276.62
  • Spicer, 290.91

Movie of the Summer

Guardians of the Galaxy (96.00 pts.); Runner-up: X-Men: Days of Future Past (88.35 pts.)

Worst Drafted Movie

Blended (15.12 pts.), Tony; Runner-up: Sex Tape (15.86 pts.), Dave

Critics Choice Award

Tony (71.40 average RT score); Runner-up: Rob (70.40)

People's Choice Award

Dave ($642.81 million); Runner-up: Rob ($632.85 million)

Best Undrafted Free Agent

Lucy (53.40 pts.); Runner-up: Calvary (44.42 pts.)

Mel Kiper Biggest Bust Award

What If; Runner-up: Blended

Hidden Gem Award

Chef; Runner-up: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Branch Rickey Crystal Ball Award

This is calculated by adding up the disparity between where a movie was drafted and its final ranking. Lower scores are better–a positive number indicates a "reach", drafting a movie too soon, and a negative number is a "steal", getting good value out of a later pick. Tony, this doesn't take into account trades, just the original draft picks.

  • Tony, 63
  • Julia, 52
  • Dave, 36
  • Ryan, 29
  • Rob, 0

Some conclusions: * This is the first summer when the first big movie was not the overall champion, nor even the leading box office hit. This made the game much more wide open, as box office scores began shifting as bigger movies opened. Still, Rob's solid draft kept him in the lead wire-to-wire. Congrats, Rob!

  • If you want to check out the other draft I ran, click here. We all picked one more movie, and after doing this for three summers, people are getting pretty good at it, so it was a close race for much of the summer.
  • I'm already looking forward to next summer!